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What ISO 27001 Means

Posted by ARGUS Admin on Jun 26, 2019 9:52:22 AM

Data insecurity is a constant worry on the minds of consumers and organizations. With ongoing efforts to extract and misuse data from customers and businesses, the fear of anyone having access to their data can cause hesitation. Once that fear settles in it gets hard to trust that sensitive information will be safe with any business or organization.

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Canada's Price Per Liter

Posted by ARGUS Admin on Jun 26, 2019 9:52:08 AM


The latest TRAQPak Canadian Fuel Survey Report indicates that the price per liter has leveled off from a gradual increase. This change portrays the effects of Alberta’s decrease in oil production and shows that its immediate impact has worn off. Previous Alberta Premier, Rachel Notley, announced last year that starting in 2019, Alberta would cut their oil production by 8.7 % according to CBC News. This decrease amounted to roughly 325,000 barrels a day. The reduced output achieved its intended effect, shocking the fuel price to an immediate spike. As Canada’s largest oil-producing province (around 80 percent), the reaction was felt nationwide.
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